City Councilor-at-Large


Ten years ago, I ran to be your Mayor with a list of goals I wanted to achieve.

Not everything I wanted got accomplished.

But an awful lot did!

·        We established the first ever stabilization fund in Revere, which led to an increase in both the city’s bond rating as well as a lower tax rate for every citizen.

·        We more than doubled Revere’s rainy-day fund from $2.6M to $5.8M in only four years.

·        We achieved our goal of building, rebuilding, and refurbishing a record number of city parks and playgrounds.

·        We achieved our goal of securing nearly $8M in grants to renovate and revitalize Broadway, and then created a public/private partnership with local business owners to upgrade ten storefronts along its path.

·        We achieved our twin goals of doing more with less by reducing the number of people working within city hall, while also doing more with more by reducing the crime rate 20% in four years through an increase in the number of police working to fight crime from 84 to 104 officers.

·        We achieved our goal of providing leadership during a time of crisis by leading the city through one of its worst weather events in history, and then going on to also help individual uninsured and under-insured citizens secure post-disaster recovery funds.

On November 2, 2021 vote for
Dan Rizzo for City Councilor-at-Large

Proud of what he did. Proud of what he'll do.

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