Why is a former Mayor like Dan Rizzo running for City Council?

Because he can help.  He can help the City Council.  He can help the Mayor’s office. And he can help Revere.

With close to 20 years of experience in public office, very few match Dan’s knowledge of city government.

Dan was Revere’s Mayor during its most difficult days.  He guided us through Suffolk County’s first ever tornado, and helped clean up our city during an unprecedented 9 feet of snow in just over a 45-day period.

As Revere’s Mayor, he brought in Market Basket to help revitalize Northgate Shopping Center, built 4 playgrounds, 3 new Little League Fields, and found close to $3 Million in state funding to help build our new state of the art Harry Della Russo Football Stadium.

And his revitalization project for Broadway continues.  His goal has always been to create a more beautiful and vibrant downtown central business district.  And he secured close to $6 Million in state funding to get it done.

If you elect Dan Rizzo to the City Council, you’ll be helping Revere. 

Because Dan Rizzo can help the Mayor’s office and the City Council develop sensible new ideas that will help everybody.

Dan believes his experience can help move Revere in the right direction so we realize our full potential.  Your vote on Election Day November 7th will help him- help us. 

On November 7, 2017 vote for former Mayor
Dan Rizzo for Revere City Council

Progress You Know…..

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