Brian Arrigo made a lot of promises when he was running for Mayor in 2015.

He's made a lot of promises as Mayor as well.

Brian's four years are littered with broken promises. 


Here are just a few examples. 


Brian on the Development of the Shaws Site. 

"We're not going to be able to provide good city services if we add 300 units at Shaws" - Campaign speech in 2015

Within a month of being elected, Brian Arrigo pushed through the City Council a proposal for a 132-room extended-stay hotel and 195 apartments. (Revere Journal, Sept 15th 2016)


Brian on a Residential Moritorium 

"Is a moratorium needed? Probably... We need to hit the pause button" - Revere City Council meeting, October 19th 2015. 

Apartments Built or in the Permitting Process under Arrigo: 

1. The Beach Club (Revere Beach Blvd.) 2. Upcoming Property on Dehon Street 3. The Gate Residential (Revere Beach Pkwy.) 4. Suffolk Downs (Revere Beach Pkwy. and Winthrop Ave). 5. Upcoming Property at the Cove Site (Revere Street) 6. Upcoming Property a the Ming’s Site (Ocean Ave.) 7. Upcoming Property on Yeaman Street 8. Upcoming property at the St. Jean’s Credit Union Site (Shirley Ave.) 9. Upcoming Property at the Bianchi’s Site (Revere Beach Blvd.) 10. Post Road Residential (Ocean Ave) 11. Lasden Property (Revere Beach Blvd.) 12. Upcoming Property at 500 Ocean Avenue 13. Upcoming Propert at the Mr. Tux Site (American Legion Hwy.) 14. One Beachmont at the Shaw’s Site (Revere Beach Pkwy).-Source: Revere Public Record 


Brian on Taxes

"Please be rest assured [sic] I am actively exploring options to provide tax relief to home owners in Revere" - State of the city, February 6th, 2017

Instead, Brian has raised taxes by an unprecidented 20% costing the average Revere homeowner $1,000 more per year.  (Revere FY2015, FY2020 budgets) 


Brian on the 10% tax cut 

"My plan for a better Revere also includes a 10% residential property tax reduction for homeowners" - 2015 campaign video

As of October of 2019, after a full three and a half years in office, no tax reduction has been implemented. Instead, taxes have gone up 20% across the city.


Brian on Fiscal Responsibility 

"Being Mayor is about stretching every penny" - 2015 campaign video

During his tenure, Brian Arrigo has increased the city budget from $168,473,027 to $217,453,142 , a 29% increase in only four years. (FY2016, FY2020 budgets)



Brian on Commercial Development 

"I've called for a comprehensive planning process that would help prioritize commercial development over residential"  - 2015 campaign video

During Brian's tenure, residential development has made up 93.26% of all development, meaning only 6.74% of development has been commercial. (Massachusetts Department of Revenue/ Revere LA13)



Brian on Professionalism 

"My plan for a better Revere will bring professionalism to city hall" - 2015 campaign video

Over the last four years, Arrigo's administation has been involved in two major scandals.

City hall failed to detect that from July 2017- May 2018 "there had been only one deposit of coins ... from over 200 parking meters." (Revere Police Report. 6/5/2019) a city employee profited "at least $90,000" from stolen parking meter revenue. (Boston 25 News 8/13/2018)

In 2018, another city employee was arrested for "pocketing cash for outdoor water meters" and "charged with one felony count of larceny over 1,200." (Itemlive 9/20/2018)



Confused about what Brian stands for?


So are we. 




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